About Us

Meet the Maker

Hiya! My name is Trisha and I am the maker and  founder of Oceanic Oasis. A few fun facts about me: I love to knit and crochet, I'm a mom to a beautiful baby boy, sunflowers are my favorite flower, and I'm a gemini (hollaaaaah). I'm also a bit of a goofball and love making people smile. If you're smiling and happy, I'm smiling and happy. 


How We Started

"Wait so why did she start this business?", you may be asking yourself. I have always loved making things, but they never turned out too well... Luckily, I was inspired to make soap by the wonderful Katie Carson from Royalty Soaps in 2018 and found my creative outlet. Granted, I failed miserably my first try and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that. But! I refused to give up as my obsession continued to grow. With enough practice, my soaps finally started to look like the soap art I saw online. So here we are now: we have expanded from just soaps to a fun variety of products, sell at markets and craft fairs, and have an official website! Woohoo!      

Company Goals

We strive to make the best products with the best ingredients for you. A lot of products in the market today are filled with harsh chemicals and preservatives that can bring more damage than help to your body and that's the last thing we want. We want you to feel confident in purchasing your products, which is why each ingredient is clearly marked... You may even find most of our ingredients in your own home! We are also transitioning to more eco-friendly packaging so you can recycle with a clean conscience. We plan on starting a recycling program: customers in Ventura County can send back their empty product containers so we can clean and reuse them. We would love to be more eco-friendly and will gladly accept any suggestions- just reach out to us on our Contact Page!

Thank You!

Most importantly, we want to thank YOU! Without your support, we wouldn't be where we are today. Though we are still rather small, the love we get from our customers speaks volumes and means the world to us! Every single purchase makes my heart flutter and gives me the biggest smiles. We will always want to grow and improve the business so we can continue to provide the best for you!